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I'm a true gamer. I'm not a pro gamer but ill never stop playing games. My choice of console is PlayStation, but each to their own. I unfortunately do not get as much time as i would like to still play games, but when i do, i love it!

Heaven's Vault review – a rich web of possibility

Like 80 Days, Inkle’s previous game, Heaven’s Vault is a piece of interactive storytelling that drops you into a dense mesh of narrative choices. The whole thing’s as intricate and inter-connected, perhaps, as one of the tiled abstract patterns that decorate the walls and doorways of the game’s Middle-Eastern and …

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No-one looks good playing VR

I love VR. I’ve loved it in all of its bastardised and malformed versions over the years. The first time I ever played in virtual reality was at the Trocadero in London, and it was the VR iteration that made you stand in a weird, hula-hoop-like machine, clutching a retro …

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