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I'm a true gamer. I'm not a pro gamer but ill never stop playing games. My choice of console is PlayStation, but each to their own. I unfortunately do not get as much time as i would like to still play games, but when i do, i love it!

Catherine: Full Body straps in for September launch

Tom Phillips News Editor @tomphillipsEG Atlus’ newly-expanded Catherine: Full Body edition will launch for PlayStation 4 on 3rd September. If you played the original Catherine you’ll know what to expect – a mix of fiendishly frustrating block puzzles which take place in the subconscious of love-addled hero Vincent, interspersed by …

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Dead Cells' massive Pimp My Run update out now on consoles

Developer Motion Twin’s wonderfully crunchy rogue-like platformer Dead Cells has just received a massive new update on consoles, bringing, among an enormous list of other things, a stable 60FPS on Switch. That’s certainly an extremely welcome addition, given the sometimes unpleasantly wayward frame rate that plagued the Switch version at …

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Sealed Super Mario Bros. copy sells for $100k

A pristine, sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. has been sold at auction for a record-breaking $100,150 (about £78k). It is – by far – the largest sum of money ever paid for a single video game graded for its unique conditions. This edition of Nintendo’s 1985 NES classic comes …

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The unlikely origin of Counter-Strike surfing

In my younger and more vulnerable years, I spent a lot of time getting shot in the head in Counter-Strike: Source. While there were many factors working against me – my age, my characteristic lack of dexterity, my (for the time) toaster-level PC, and my bargain-bin 200 DPI Dell laser …

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