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I'm a true gamer. I'm not a pro gamer but ill never stop playing games. My choice of console is PlayStation, but each to their own. I unfortunately do not get as much time as i would like to still play games, but when i do, i love it!

Bungie apologises again after another bad week for Destiny 2

Another week in Destiny 2, another set of dramas. This week’s kerfuffle concerns the game’s returned Faction Rally event and, once again, a perceived lack of rewards. Fan criticism has centred around an unexplained cooldown system which locks players out of rewards when obtained too frequently – ie. simply by …

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds testing blue zone changes

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds test servers are getting a series of tweaks to adjust the game’s infamous blue zone – the electrical field of death which constricts play space. I just blue myself. Three main changes are on the way, all of which will impact the “mid-to-late phase” of a PUBG round. …

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Darkest Dungeon and the Lovecrafting of crunch

Heroes aren’t born, forged, plucked from obscure, charming villages or raised from centuries of slumber in Darkest Dungeon – they are broken in. Or at least, broken. Out on Switch today, Red Hook’s festering roguelike sees you battling to reclaim a cliffside manor from the cosmic terrors unleashed by your …

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They Are Billions is an unputdownable RTS revelation

How long can you survive? It’s so simple and so effective: build a base and protect it from the enemy zombie hordes. Not the ones milling about on the map, although they do trickle towards your base and sometimes with proper intent, but the actual hordes. When they approach they …

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The brilliant Inside is now on iPhones and iPads

And the beginning is free. By Robert Purchese Published 18/12/2017 Inside, the brilliantly mysterious and beautifully made game by Limbo developer Playdead, is now available for iPhones and iPads. You can play the beginning of the game for free then unlock the full adventure for 7 if you like it, …

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