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Alolan Forms are coming to Pokémon Go, before Gen 4

Alolan Forms of Kanto-region Pokmon are coming to Pokmon Go “in the coming weeks”, according to developer Niantic. There’s not a lot of other info on the new forms – in fact, there’s basically no official word other than the fact that they’re coming – and if you’re involved in …

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Imperator: Rome is Paradox's big new grand strategy game

Imperator: Rome is Paradox’s big new grand strategy game, due out in 2019. The game, made by Paradox’s internal development studio (Europa Universalis, Crusader Kings), lets you explore alternative histories. Here’s the set-up: “What we think of as ‘western civilisation’ was not guaranteed. Imagine Alexander’s empire centralised under one successor. …

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Fortnite hits Android this summer

Don’t tell your kids, but Fortnite comes out on Android devices this summer. Fortnite launched proper on iOS devices in early April after an invite-only beta period. On mobile, Fortnite is the same 100 PvP game from the PC and console versions, with the same map and gameplay. Epic has …

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