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Insomniac has the last laugh on Spider-Man PS4 "puddlegate"

Remember Spider-Man PS4’s “puddlegate”? Ahead of the game’s release, people got hot under the collar about an adjustment in puddle placement in a scene which sees far less water coverage. There was a kerfuffle but, inevitably, when the game came out and people started playing and enjoying it, the kerfuffle …

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PlayStation says it has fixed messages that were crashing consoles

Here’s the troublesome message, courtesy of Reddit user Huntstark. Over the past few days, several PlayStation users have been reporting a malicious console-crashing attack sent via console message. Players claimed a specific character combination had “bricked” their consoles, forced them to factory reset their PlayStations, and that “even deleting the …

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Six years later, Star Citizen is still raking it in

Star Citizen has been in development for six years and it still doesn’t have a release date – but the money keeps flooding on in. The space PC game, which has so far raised nearly $200m, recently held CitizenCon, a gathering of fans and developers for all things Star Citizen. …

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