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Cities: Skylines mods arrive on Xbox One

The Xbox One version of Cities: Skylines today gets support for user-created mods. A free update for the game adds a selection of mods for you to add in your city – from boring things like swimming pools and clock towers, to giant hamster statues and UFOs. A UFO, not …

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There's a Tomb Raider Barbie doll

Barbie has been an astronaut, a vet, even a mermaid. Now, she’s a Tomb Raider. Doll maker Mattel has unveiled Tomb Raider Barbie (thanks, IGN), which is less a new look for Barbie herself and more just an action figure of Alicia Vikander, who portrays Lara Croft in next month’s …

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Civilization 6's sexist leaders are getting tweaked

Last week, Firaxis released Rise and Fall, the first major expansion pack for Civilization 6. It comes with all the usual new features – some new mechanics, buildings, several more historically significant leaders, and so on. But it also brought some smaller, under-the-radar changes – one of which in particular …

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The Overwatch League has its first female player

The Overwatch League has its first female player. Kim Se-Yeon, aka Geguri. Shanghai Dragons announced the signing of 19-year-old Korean Kim Se-Yeon, aka Geguri, who mains Zarya, D.Va and Roadhog. You might remember Geguri as the 17-year-old who in 2016 was reported to Blizzard Korea and targeted by two Korean …

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GAME concessions are coming to Sports Direct shops

There are plans afoot to launch GAME concessions inside Sports Direct shops. Sports Direct’s billionaire owner Mike Ashley. Today GAME entered into a “collaboration agreement” with Sports Direct as part of a £3.2m esports deal. But of note in the announcement is a line about “plans to enter into concession …

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Mojang's Scrolls finally shuts down next week

Scrolls, the strategy digital collectible card game developed by Minecraft maker Mojang, finally shuts down on Tuesday, 13th February. Back in July 2015, Mojang signalled it would stop stop updating the game, but it also said it would keep the servers up and running until at least 1st July 2016. …

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