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Quantum Break is secretly a sweet Max Payne game

I don’t want to do anyone’s job for them, but I really feel like Quantum Break could do with at least one advert that drops the “interactive-next-gen-cross-media-TV-experience” schtick and just does the following: For some reason I can’t quite fathom, this is the dark secret at the heart of the …

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XCOM 2 is XCOM with about a million mods enabled

XCOM: Enemy Within plays like a finely-tuned board game. The complexities of running a multinational, anti-extraterrestrial peacekeeping force are boiled down to a few key designs; its notorious difficulty blossoms from how these simple mechanics interact to create complex – and interesting – challenges. But this elegance also makes Enemy …

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Make your co-op partner a manta ray in Abzu

In the demo for ocean-exploring adventure game Abzu shown off at this year’s PlayStation Experience, there’s a wide-open rock enclosure where you can make contact with giant manta rays. My first attempts ended in failure – though you can school with the sea creatures in Abzu, including larger ones by grabbing …

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YIIK has been post-postmodern since junior high

How many times have you been up late, browsing the ‘net, only to find yourself tumbling down the rabbit hole of urban legends and complex conspiracies at 2 in the morning? Stories of mysterious videos, aliens encounters, and extremely slender men fill your imagination as night rolls into day. These …

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