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Review: Review: Asus ROG GR8 II gaming PC


We’ve been inundated with mini-PCs of late, with tiny towers packing SLI systems, shoeboxes that are VR ready, and now this relatively affordable PS4-sized package. We can thank both Intel and Nvidia for dropping the energy requirements – and resulting thermal output – of its products for this revolution in …

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Review: Review: Corsair One Pro gaming PC


Corsair’s no stranger to PC building. Apart from having a wide range of components under its belt, from cases to power supplies, it’s also had a go with the Bulldog kit PC. It was an odd first choice for the company, and a product that seemed to be a solution …

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Review: Review: Lenovo Y710 Cube gaming PC


Lenovo might be better known for its office and productivity PCs, but it’s being making a go of the gaming market in recent times. Their latest shot at gaming greatness is the Y710 Cube, an almost-mini-PC that packs some decent hardware into a very small box. It’s not quite small …

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Upgrade Australia: The Power Arena performance PC winner!


At the fabulous Upgrade Australia event we recently held, the Power Arena made its debut. Hosted by master overclocker and all-round performance addict Josh Collins, we invited submissions from across the land. Josh pitted each against each other in a battle of benchmarking intensity, and after many hours of grueling …

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Acer releases new Predator gaming machines in Australia


Acer’s Predator range has just expanded mightily, with a range of new PCs and monitors touching down in Australia today. Coming out swinging that the new Predators are for ‘serious gamers’, Acer’s new range centers around the admittedly impressive and rather serious Predator G6 desktop machine. The G6 is powered …

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