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Dead Cells' massive Pimp My Run update out now on consoles

Developer Motion Twin’s wonderfully crunchy rogue-like platformer Dead Cells has just received a massive new update on consoles, bringing, among an enormous list of other things, a stable 60FPS on Switch. That’s certainly an extremely welcome addition, given the sometimes unpleasantly wayward frame rate that plagued the Switch version at …

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The unlikely origin of Counter-Strike surfing

In my younger and more vulnerable years, I spent a lot of time getting shot in the head in Counter-Strike: Source. While there were many factors working against me – my age, my characteristic lack of dexterity, my (for the time) toaster-level PC, and my bargain-bin 200 DPI Dell laser …

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Fortnite season 8 battle pass will be given away free

In an unprecedented move, Fortnite will give away its next monthly battle pass for free as a reward for completing a fresh set of challenges. Fortnite season eight is still two weeks away – despite season seven’s regular 10-week challenge period now being up. To plug the gap, Epic has …

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Crackdown 3 tech analysis: a console classic reborn?

The journey towards Crackdown 3’s release has not been a smooth one – but after some four years in development, the game is finally complete. Its troubled history and dodgy trailers left us concerned about the quality of the final product but as it turns out, the campaign portion of …

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