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In praise of bad game design

There is a certain language we too often use around video games, a particular body of criteria and expectations. You could call it the cult of smoothness. This is, I’ll admit, more of a characterisation born of years spent trawling forums than it is some kind of scientific appraisal, but …

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What the UK can learn from the Far East's battle with loot boxes

By Vic Hood Published 20/10/2017 The debate surrounding loot boxes and in-game gambling has reached new levels, with the UK government now being called upon to change current legislation. Japanese Gacha or Gashapons. A petition calling for the government to adapt current gambling laws to loot boxes in video games …

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Nintendo unveils a Pokémon themed New 2DS XL

Plus new Ultra Beasts confirmed for Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon. By Martin Robinson Published 13/09/2017 Nintendo has announced an all-new Pokball-themed 2DS XL that will launch alongside this autumn’s Pokmon Ultra Sun and Pokmon Ultra Moon. Alongside the announcement of the new hardware, some slim details were revealed about …

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Steam Halloween, Black Friday and Winter sale dates leaked

Start and end dates for the Steam Halloween, Black Friday and Winter sales have been leaked on Reddit, and we’ve independently corroborated them as correct. The remaining Steam sales in 2017 are: Steam Halloween Sale: Thursday 26th October to Wednesday 1st November Steam Black Friday Sale: Wednesday 22nd November to …

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The mobile Titanfall RTS is out today

While we wait for Titanfall 3? By Wesley Yin-Poole Published 10/08/2017 While we wait for another main game in the Titanfall series (Respawn recently said it’s working on more Titanfall, so despite lower than expected sales of Titanfall 2, I reckon Titanfall 3 is on the way), there’s a mobile …

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Neko Atsume is coming to PlayStation VR

iPhone iPad Android PlayStation 4 PlayStation 4 Pro Playstation VR At least in Japan. By Jeffrey Matulef Published 19/09/2017 Cat-collecting mobile sensation Neko Atsume is getting a PlayStation VR adaptation. The game was announced on Sony Japan’s PlayStation Twitter account as part of its Tokyo Game Show news, though no …

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Surprise! Minecraft is coming to New 3DS today

But not the old 3DS. By Jeffrey Matulef Published 14/09/2017 A 3DS edition of Minecraft was just announced, and then revealed to be launching later today on the eShop. The surprise unveiling happened during a Nintendo Direct livestream tonight. Word of warning though, Minecraft will only run on the New …

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