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Heaven's Vault review – a rich web of possibility

Like 80 Days, Inkle’s previous game, Heaven’s Vault is a piece of interactive storytelling that drops you into a dense mesh of narrative choices. The whole thing’s as intricate and inter-connected, perhaps, as one of the tiled abstract patterns that decorate the walls and doorways of the game’s Middle-Eastern and …

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No-one looks good playing VR

I love VR. I’ve loved it in all of its bastardised and malformed versions over the years. The first time I ever played in virtual reality was at the Trocadero in London, and it was the VR iteration that made you stand in a weird, hula-hoop-like machine, clutching a retro …

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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order release date leaked via pin badges

Wesley Yin-Poole Deputy Editor @wyp100 The Star Wars video game leaks continue: this time it’s a release date for Respawn’s Jedi: Fallen Order. As seen on the back of Star Wars pin badges from the ongoing Star Wars Celebration event, Jedi: Fallen Order comes out 15th November 2019. Leaked fallen …

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6TB Seagate hard drive for £95

Sara Elsam Contributor Keep all your games lively and snug with an extra 6TB of storage, whether you’re on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or PC. This Seagate external hard drive is down to £95 on Amazon for the next nine hours, saving you a not-too-shabby £35 – you won’t find …

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Save up to 67% on Logitech accessories

There’s a raft of offers available on Logitech gaming accessories at Amazon for the next eight hours, including sizable discounts on gaming mice, a top-tier gaming keyboard, and a headset that’s under £25. Lets take a look at what’s available. Firstly, we have the Logitech G430 gaming headset for PC …

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