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Inside Pokémon's house of cards

There’s a part of me that wants to say the inside of Creatures Inc., the Tokyo company where Pokmon cards are made, is exactly what you’d expect. That it is everything you’ve imagined. A Wonkalike dream factory of wonder and weirdness, hidden in plain sight. And in a way it …

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You can now create Miis directly in your web browser

Nintendo has launched its new online Mii creation tool, enabling anyone with a My Nintendo account to fashion their own avatar using nothing but an ordinary web browser. The Mii creation feature was originally announced at the start of May, in a message sent out to all users of Nintendo’s …

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Chaos and tactics make for a tasty blend in Sushi Striker

Some things in life are so innately delightful that I just can’t spend enough time thinking about them. Leaf blowers! Tennis ball lobbers! The little motorised food lanes you get at sushi restaurants. This last one, gloriously, has been the key inspiration for Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido, a …

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Persona Q2 announced for Nintendo 3DS

Wesley Yin-Poole Deputy Editor @wyp100 Atlus has announced a few new Persona games, including a new one for the Nintendo 3DS. This is all we’ve got on Persona Q2 for now. Persona Q2 was announced at the wonderfully-named Persona Super Live P-Sound Bomb!!!! 2017 concert at Yokohama Arena, with a …

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