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Pokémon Go gets spooky new species for Halloween

Tom Phillips News Editor @tomphillipsEG Pokmon Go is yet to officially announce this year’s big Halloween event, but we’ve already got a sneaky peek under the Mimikyu cloth at what’s in store. Notably, there’s a new Special Research task – the first for a non-Mythical Pokmon – plus ghost and …

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Something strange is happening to Fortnite's floating island

Fortnite’s map is continually evolving – we’ve had rockets, meteors, and most recently a giant purple cube (nicknamed Kevin) which spent several weeks rolling over the grassy hills of Lazy Links. Having transformed Loot Lake into a millennial version of the Wizard of Oz, the cube seems to have reached …

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Pokémon Go has three new regional exclusives

The first Gen 4 Pokmon arrived yesterday afternoon in Pokmon Go – and out of the 20-something new species, three will be particularly hard to find. These three species – Chatot, Carnivine, Pachirisu – are the game’s latest regional exclusives and, after a few hours of confusion, players are now …

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Fortnite Christmas jumpers now available for pre-order

Emma Kent Reporter @GoneEFK Most Fortnite players will currently be preoccupied with Season 6‘s spooky Halloween theme, but retailers are already looking ahead to the next big holiday. Now, you won’t be able to struggle with finding a present for young Timmy this Christmas, as one website is offering Fortnite-themed …

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