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Here's a first look at the new Harry Potter mobile game

Weasley does it. By Tom Phillips Published 18/01/2018 Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery has its first teaser trailer, which shows a brief look at in-game footage. This is the first of two upcoming Potter games to come from Warner Bros’ new Portkey Games label. In Hogwarts Mystery you get your letter …

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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp just got its biggest update yet

Smartphone spin-off Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has today received a hefty new update, which contains all sorts of new features and quality of life improvements. You can now play dress up with animals once you’ve reached a certain friendship level with them, and pop them in clothes you’ve collected. There’s …

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New Hearthstone update is a Wild thing

Hearthstone is nearing the end of its yearly rotation – when a bunch of older card sets get dumped out of Standard play and into the everything-goes Wild format. To celebrate, Blizzard is holding a number of events to celebrate Wild over the next month, ahead of the new year’s …

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Looks like Pokémon Go is getting in-game story quests

Hidden within Pokmon Go’s latest update is a fresh quest system involving the game’s human characters. Don’t search for the fanart. The system looks like it will support multiple quest steps and give a more prominent role to characters such as the game’s hunky Professor Willow – who at present …

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You can claim three Hearthstone packs free right now

Dungeon won. By Tom Phillips Published 05/01/2018 If you log onto Hearthstone today, you’re in for a big surprise. Namely, three free card packs for new expansion Kobolds and Catacombs. Blizzard is giving them away as a slightly-delayed way of saying sorry for some server teething issues before Christmas. I …

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Hearthstone shakes up ranked play progression ladder

Blizzard is shaking up Hearthstone’s ranked play progression system, and specifically how you’ll shuffle down levels at the end of each month. Starting in March, you’ll be set four ranks back from your current position every month – rather than the current system which sets you back a varying number …

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Another wave of Gen 3 creatures added to Pokémon Go

Pokmon Go is adding another set of Gen 3 creatures in an update today. 23 additional Pokmon from Ruby and Sapphire will be available, including Whismu, Aggron, Trapinch, and Cacnea, as seen in the following promotional image. It’s the fourth wave of creatures since the debut of Gen 3 over …

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