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The mobile Titanfall RTS is out today

While we wait for Titanfall 3? By Wesley Yin-Poole Published 10/08/2017 While we wait for another main game in the Titanfall series (Respawn recently said it’s working on more Titanfall, so despite lower than expected sales of Titanfall 2, I reckon Titanfall 3 is on the way), there’s a mobile …

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Mysterious monarch sim Kingdom is now available on Switch

iPhone iPad Android Mac Xbox One Switch Xbox One X Wanted: one kingdom. Selling: one horse. By Jeffrey Matulef Published 15/09/2017 Back in 2015 developer Noio unleashed Kingdom, a beautifully enigmatic side-scrolling game about creating and expanding an empire. Now that game is available on the Nintendo Switch eShop as …

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XP is helping me to learn German

Now everyone has agreed that Britain leaving the EU is going to go horribly, all that’s left is to argue over whose fault it will be when the nation tumbles off a cliff edge into the dust of irrelevance. Runners include: David Cameron (the absolute plum who thought calling the …

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A fireside chat with Hearthstone's biggest bosses

By Tom Phillips Published 28/09/2017 I’ve been playing Hearthstone now for more than four years, since the days of its closed beta, but I can still remember every update to the game and how well it stuck with me, and how, generally, it was received by the game’s talkative community. …

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Pokémon Go introduces Super Incubators in Equinox event

After the madness of Pokmon Go’s summer Legendary raiding, the app is bringing back its smaller scale monthly events. First up is Equinox, to celebrate the arrival of autumn. It will run from 9pm UK time on Friday 22nd September until 9pm UK time on Monday 2nd October. Most notable …

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