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Sega's back catalogue is headed to mobile with Sega Forever


Could there be a more perfect example of Nintendo’s philosophy than the NES Mini? To Nintendo, video games exist somewhere inside the relationship between hardware and software, so even if you’re offering a bunch of emulated classics, you should make sure the box that they come is fit for purpose. …

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Old Man's Journey review


Old Man’s Journey feels a lot like a children’s book – one of those beautiful ones, with huge illustrations brightly printed on decent paper. The kind a certain kind of person might not really want to read with actual children, who would spill things, crease things, crayon all over things. …

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Android owners catch a break in this amazing Humble Bundle


Android has long played second fiddle in the mobile game department with the more mainstream Apple courting the development market, but Android device owners are catching a break with the latest Android-exclusive Humble Bundle, which offers many of the greatest adventure games in years for an extraordinarily low price. Pay …

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Google Maps April Fools' gag lets you play Ms. Pac-Man


Two years ago Google Maps added an April Fools’ Day East egg allowing the navigation software to play a round of Pac-Man. Now that gag has been reprised only with Ms. Pac-Man, because it’s 2017. Simply boot up the software on your mobile device or go to the web-based browser …

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Harmonix's next game is DropMix


Harmonix, the developer of Rock Band and Dance Central, has announced its next game: DropMix. DropMix, which is being built with toy maker Hasbro, is described as a fast-paced music mixing game where players create mixes by playing cards featuring songs. Each card represents a different part of a song …

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Nintendo's next big mobile game is coming to Android first

Fire Emblem Heroes out on February 2nd. By Martin Robinson Published 18/01/2017 Nintendo’s next big mobile game is leading on Android, with Fire Emblem Heroes coming out on the platform on February 2nd before heading to iOS devices at an unspecified later date. Fire Emblem Heroes follows quickly from Super …

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You can spend £8 on a hat in Pokémon Go


The emperor’s new Magikarp. Anyone remember how much it cost to buy a bicycle back in Pokémon Red? A shade under million quid, or Pokédollars, technically, until you were given one for free. How about that bloke who sold a Magikarp for $500-odd? Or maybe the rare, million-dollar Slowpoke Tails …

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