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Pokémon Go finally getting AR photo mode

At last, Pokmon Go is getting an AR photo mode. It’s called Go Snapshot, and it’s coming very soon. Up until now, you’ve only been able to take AR snaps of Pokmon while you’re catching them – which, if you’re catching a really rare ‘mon, is probably not your main …

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Fortnite's console account merge tool is finally here

Remember the PlayStation 4 Fortnite account curse? It feels like an age since Sony forced Fortnite players to create seperate accounts to play the game on Switch – but Epic has finally implemented a solution to repair the damage. Originally announced back in September (when cross-play became a reality), Fortnite’s …

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Climbing ranks in Hearthstone is about to get easier

Hearthstone’s Ranked Mode is getting another shake up – one which should make levelling up a little easier. Starting with February’s ranked play season, developer Blizzard will lower the number of stars required to move up – for all but the highest rungs of the ladder. The system places things …

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Fortnite begins countdown to winter event happenings

Fortnite has begun counting down to its next in-game happening, which likely involves the wintry ball of ice currently hovering above Polar Peak. Through various leaks, we know Season 7’s menacing Ice King is currently hiding inside the snow globe. And from this week’s unlockable loading screen, we know he’s …

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Netflix sees Fortnite as one of its greatest threats

We already know Fortnite has dominated the gaming scene – it’s literally impossible to ignore – but something most haven’t considered is its impact on different media forms, such as streaming service Netflix. It’s a battle for eyeballs, as several analysts are now phrasing it, and yesterday Netflix cited Fortnite …

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