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Police stop Stevenage man playing Pokémon Go while driving

“Not essential travel” during coronavirus lockdown. Police have pulled over a man driving around Stevenage, Hertfordshire, playing Pokmon Go during the coronavirus lockdown. When asked the reason for his car journey, the man told coppers he was out catching Pokmon, ITV News reported. Police officers informed the man this was “not …

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Five of the Best: Caves

Each week, Five of the Best gives love to the overlooked parts of games. The things you don’t notice when you’re playing because you’re too busy doing more important things. But you remember them. They’re there in your memory all the same. So much so that when someone says something …

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Playing Pokémon Go from the sofa

As regular games sales surge, spare a thought for Pokmon Go. Its real-world gamplay faces a unique and sustained existential challenge – one whose effects are already being felt by its community, even in places not yet on lockdown. It’s the social side I miss. This weekend’s ticketed Genesect event …

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