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Here's a brand new card from Hearthstone's next expansion

Rastakhan’s Rumble, Hearthstone’s next expansion, is set to launch on 4th December – but we can show off one of its brand new cards on Eurogamer today. Arcanosaur is a neutral Elemental minion which rewards you for having played another Elemental last turn. Elementals, a class of creature introduced in …

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Fortnite squad world record is now 61 kills

If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to make me feel better about my Fortnite skills, it’s watching other players kill half the players on the map and make it look easy. No? An Australian Fortnite squad has set a new world record for the number of kills in a single …

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Hearthstone's game-changing new mechanic almost got cut entirely

Magnetic, Hearthstone’s latest game-changing keyword, almost didn’t make it into this month’s new Project Boomsday expansion. In fact, it was so tough to implement well that it almost got binned completely. Blizzard has spoken before about how Magnetic began life as Modular, a different version of the keyword which required …

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Pokémon Go Celebi research quest unlocks next week

Pokmon Go’s second Mythical Pokmon, Celebi, will become available through a new Special Research questline starting on 20th August. Expect tasks to reward XP, items and Pokmon encounters as you work your way to snagging Celebi itself. Celebi was first released last month for the 21,000 Pokmon Go players who …

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Niantic targets Pokemon Go PvP by end of 2018

One of the key differences between Pokmon Go and other Pokmon titles is PvP battling isn’t a feature of the mobile game. Yet this may soon change, as Niantic has hinted a PvP mode will come to Pokmon Go later this year. In an interview with Polish publication Gram, Anne …

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Roleplaying across the internet

The word ‘roleplaying’ evokes images of sweaty kids sitting around a table, or of impossibly stylish Japanese boys on a quest to save the world. But the simple act of roleplaying – of people telling a story together – doesn’t require colourful manuals or high-resolution graphics. It doesn’t even require …

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