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The amazing stories of a man you've never heard of

The Godfather “If he only knew his final script was going to be written by some fat, non-professional Irish guy, I think he would have been fairly pissed off.” Mention The Godfather game to someone and they might not bat an eyelid, but tell them you were at Marlon Brando’s …

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Here's every game launching as part of Apple Arcade this Thursday

Apple’s much-trumpeted gaming subscription service, Apple Arcade, officially arrives this Thursday, 19th September. However, some users running the iOS 13 public beta have been granted early access, meaning that we now know exactly which games will be available as part of the £4.99/$4.99 USD monthly subscription at launch. As reported …

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Pokémon Go leak points to fan-favourite meme becoming a reality

Before we even get to this weekend’s December Community Day extravaganza and Pokmon Go’s forthcoming holiday 2019 event, developer Niantic has been quietly adding things behind the scenes set for release in 2020. Files relating to Pokmon Go’s two big upcoming modes – Battle League and the AR Buddy update …

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Fortnite will get an annual battle pass with exclusive skins

Fortnite is set to shake up its traditional battle pass plans with an all-encompassing annual offering. Files found within Fortnite’s latest update (v11.30) relate to the “2020 Annual Pass”, which grants access to all 2020 battle passes plus a smattering of other exclusives (thanks, Fortnite News). You’ll also get the …

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Pokémon Go's next evolution event is a bit odd

The latest in Pokmon Go’s ongoing carousel of in-game events is an odd one – themed around Pokmon evolution. Unova Stones will also apparently be on offer. The event, which kicks off tonight, features Pokmon in the wild, in tasks and in raids with unusual evolution types and requirements, such …

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