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Inside gaming's least safe safe rooms

Via Facebook group chat, I’m speaking with Suguru Murakoshi and Hiroko Usuda from the now-defunct Team Silent. We’re talking about their time working on Silent Hill 4: The Room as director and designer, respectively – diving into the creation of Room 302, the apartment that kicks off the story and …

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Fan-made Animal Crossing site makes sharing designs easy

And someone’s created a companion app for fishing.  You’re a few days in, the Able Sisters have set up shop, and it’s time to get some fancy threads in your Animal Crossing: New Horizons town. But where can you find new custom designs? If you want to download some lovely …

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Nvidia teams up with Minecraft creators to show off new ray-traced worlds

While hardware-accelerated ray tracing was first demonstrated by Nvidia with modern games like Battlefield 5 and Metro Exodus, where RT lights or shadows are used alongside traditional rasterised graphics, completely ray-traced versions of games have also been developed to stunning effect. From early demonstrations of path tracing in Minecraft via …

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Gears Tactics is more Gears of War than you think

You can do the Gears of War slide into cover slam in Gears Tactics, and honestly that would probably have been enough for me to say ‘yes please’ to this spin-off. But the developers at Splash Damage haven’t just plopped slide-to-cover in this top-down, turn-based tactical twist on gaming’s most …

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