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4K on a budget: the GTX 970 experiment


Can Nvidia’s now-discontinued GeForce GTX 970 successfully power a 4K ultra HD display on a range of challenging PC games? On the face of it, the notion sounds ludicrous – on a specs level we’re severely constrained by memory capacity, bandwidth and of course, basic compute power. But consider this: …

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Hitman's penultimate Elusive Target launches today


The Hitman reboot’s first season has nearly come to an end with developer IO Interactive releasing its second to last Elusive Target today. Available for 10 days, this Elusive Target is set in Hokkaido and it comes with a twist: you don’t know who you’re trying to kill and must …

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The Steam Summer Sale is now live


The Steam Summer Sale is now live through 5th July at 6pm UK time. Thousands of games are now discounted, so it’s worth poking around. Unlike previous years, there doesn’t appear to be any daily deals or flash sales this time around, so there’s no rush as you browse Valve’s …

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Gearbox to publish Epic's Fortnite on disc


Borderlands studio Gearbox will publish Epic’s sandbox survival game Fortnite on a disc in Europe on 21st July. That’s four days before the game becomes available to download digitally, on 25th July. And it’s around a year before the game’s planned move to free-to-play, which will happen at some point …

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Diablo 3's Necromancer DLC out next week


Blizzard has announced that the Rise of the Necromancer pack for Diablo 3, which adds the much-loved Necromancer character class from Diablo 2 to the younger game, will be released next week on 27th June. The add-on will be available for PC, Mac, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of …

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An obituary for the architecture of Dark Souls' eternally dying land


Editor’s note: We’re delighted to welcome back Gareth, the editor of the fascinating new zine Heterotopias, for another piece exploring the intersection between architecture and video games. You can find his last piece on Resident Evil’s mansion here, and find a copy of the second issue of Heterotopias over here. …

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Eurogamer's best of E3 2017


By Oli Welsh Published 16/06/2017 Wow, that was a long one. E3 2017 began for our away team on Friday last week, for those of us back in the UK on Saturday night, and has barely let up since. I’ve already mentioned that the volume of hype is now out …

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