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Bungie says "vast majority" still working on Destiny

A week on from the announcement of Bungie and Activision’s divorce proceedings, Destiny boss Luke Smith has made a rare statement on what lies ahead for the studio’s sci-fi franchise. Despite receiving a $100m investment last year from Chinese publisher NetEase to create an all-new project, Smith assured fans the …

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Onimusha Warlords review – An aging Samurai classic returns

A slightly dated reintroduction to one of Capcom’s hack-and-slash greats. Malindy Hetfeld Contributor I’m only going to say this once, just to experience what typing these words feels like: People who were born when I played Onimusha Warlords for the first time are now old enough to drive. Or have …

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The best of the Humble Bundle Winter sale

PC users are spoiled for choice in the current Humble Bundle sale, with thousands of titles marked down in price. Here’s a guide to the latest games reduced in the winter season sales, featuring wild discounts aplenty and numerous top-notch titles going for less than £2! It’s not just indie …

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BadCupid: Procedural romance in a digital world

The easiest way to think about procedural generation is by imagining a huge grid of square cells, where each cell has a chance to become black or white. A set of simple rules are put in place to set the scene: If a white cell has less than two black …

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