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I've tried Lust, now I'm doing War: exploring Godhood

Last week, I wrote about games dressing up their mechanisms to make them seem snazzier than they are, because really, underneath it all, they’re often just numbers. I love how they do this. It’s like draping a fancy cloth over an engine, obscuring the mucky oiled cogs with colour and …

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SolSeraph review – God on a bit of a budget

In action, how like an angel, in apprehension how like a god. This is handy. In SolSeraph, you play a sort of blend of an angel and a god, as far as I can tell. You have wings and armour and a sword, but you can also inspire people, make …

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Why merely Attack when you can Riddle with Holes?

I love how games dress your powers up to make them sound really exciting, I always have, but the game which really got me thinking about it recently was Slay the Spire. I have a big crush on it right now – I don’t know why it took me so …

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