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Toonstruck is currently free on GOG.com

James Pickard Contributor You can now get the classic and kooky point-and-click adventure Toonstruck for free as part of the GOG Summer Sale Festival. Now, I’ve never played this, but looking at the combination of talent involved it seems like it should be a corker. Christopher Lloyd! Tim Curry! Dan …

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Of course Watch Dogs: Legion made it onto the BBC

Watch Dogs: Legion, unveiled at E3 this week, is set in a post-Brexit Britain. It deals with themes of civil unrest, the surveillance state and, from the looks of things, dodgy London accents. Inevitably, Ubisoft’s latest open-world adventure has caught the attention of the mainstream media. Today, the BBC’s Politics …

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After an hour playing it, Control seems extraordinary

I think maybe the number one rule about anything made by David Lynch is that you should never write about anything made by David Lynch. I’m going to break that rule – just quickly I promise – to say there was a moment that felt straight out of the Lynchian …

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Doom Eternal lives up to its legacy

The problem with Doom is it’s still good. The fact Doom 2016 managed to find ways to improve or at least add to that formula remains an incredible achievement. The idea another sequel can do the same for that game is pretty outrageous. Yet, Doom Eternal might just manage it. …

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The big FIFA 20 interview

There’s quite a bit more to Volta Football, FIFA 20’s new street-style small-sided mode, than we’ve been shown so far. After EA’s initial reveal on Saturday, I sat down with Matt Prior, FIFA 20’s Creative Director at EA Sports, as well as Lead Producer Sam Rivera, lead Volta Producer Jeff …

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George R.R. Martin and Dark Souls collaboration Elden Ring leaked

A huge leak has seen publisher Namco Bandai’s E3 announcements spilled online ahead of the show. Among them, the heavily-hinted at FromSoftware collaboration between Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin and Dark Souls mastermind Hidetaka Miyazaki. The game is named Elden Ring, and it’s described as a fantasy-action RPG …

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