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The pleasures of a game world you look down upon

It’s a famous story, but a good one. When Robert Louis Stevenson was writing Treasure Island, he started out by drawing a map – a map of the island itself. One of his biographers – I think it was Claire Harman, and if you walk away from this piece with …

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Stardew-Valley-inspired magic school sim Witchbrook gets a gorgeous new look

Developer Chucklefish has shared a fresh batch of screenshots for its Stardew-Valley-inspired wizarding-school-meets-village-life sim Witchbrook, and it’s all change on the visual front since its last public outing – with its revamped art style looking very lovely indeed. Witchbrook first reared its head back in 2017, its informal reveal consisting …

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Someone should make a game about: avoiding quests

He’s on me before I realise I’ve been spotted. I curse myself for venturing this close to town but, with supplies running low, what other option was there? Not that keeping to the wilds was any safer – only two days ago I turned around to see three of them …

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Someone should make a game about: Shipping containers

Bleary eyed, I tore open my sachet of Quaker Oats, dumped it into a bowl, popped some milk in, and set the microwave to whirr for two minutes. This cost me. Usually it’s a bit of bran, cold milk, and it’s wolfed down in T-minus three minutes, give or take …

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