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Sonic Mania is the sequel we've waited 23 years for


This is it – the game many of us have been waiting for since 1994: a proper follow-up to classic Sonic the Hedgehog games, a sequel that strives to expand and improve upon everything that made the originals great. But how did a group of fans that never lost hope …

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No Man's Sky fans excited by leak promising "joint exploration"


UPDATE 11.45am: Hello Games has now published the full No Man’s Sky 1.3 patch notes. The update adds 30 hours of story, a multiplayer-lite feature and much more. ORIGINAL STORY 9.35am:Further details of this week’s No Man’s Sky update have appeared online and gotten fans excited – once again – …

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LawBreakers review


To have even the slightest chance of survival in this viciously competitive shooter world, your game needs to have that moment. That almost indefinable feeling that suddenly elevates it above all the mechanically sound, competent first-person shooters out there; the second where eyebrows raise, heads nod and expletives echo from …

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Middle-earth: Shadow of War has loot boxes


Warner Bros. has announced Middle-earth: Shadow of War has loot boxes. A screenshot showing what it looks like when you open a chest in Shadow of War. The single-player action adventure has an in-game store, called the Market, that sells orcs and other items for use in the game’s Nemesis …

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