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Now PlatinumGames has teased The Wonderful 101 for Nintendo Switch

10Done. By Wesley Yin-Poole Published 06/07/2017 Hot on the heels of its Bayonetta for Switch tease, PlatinumGames has suggested its quirky action game The Wonderful 101 will also make its way onto Nintendo’s new console. The tweet below, shows Wonderful 101-style characters playing Wonderful 101 on a Nintendo Switch with …

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On games as philosophy experiments, from Fallout to Soma


Editor’s note: Jordan Erica Webber is co-author with Eurogamer contributor Daniel Griliopoulos of the weighty tome Ten Things Video Games Can Teach Us: (about life, philosophy and everything), out this month. We’ve asked her to write a few thoughts on video games as works of philosophy. Beware: there are spoilers …

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Breath of the Wild and telling stories through archaeology


Archaeology doesn’t get a very good treatment in popular media, and games are no different. The public image of archaeologists is dominated by pulp fantasy heroes, swinging and scrambling their way through trap-infested ancient ruins, one hand clutching a priceless treasure, the other punching a Nazi in the face. Of …

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Smash Bros fans unveil full game Icons: Combat Arena


This past weekend’s EVO 2017 tournament included announcements from all of the major games on show – except for Super Smash Bros., because Nintendo. Stepping up to fill that gap? Meet Icons: Combat Arena, a new game which looks… exactly like Smash. The similarities are no coincidence. Icons is being …

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Splatoon is getting an anime adaptation


Splatoon, Nintendo’s comical paint-based brawler about squid-human hybrid children, is getting an anime spin-off. As reported by Japanese magazine CoroCoro (via JapaneseNintendo), the series will premiere on CoroCoro’s YouTube page on 12th August. CoroCoro already has a manga serialisation of Splatoon in its magazine, so it seems likely that the …

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Watch: The Star Fox games you never knew existed


Faux McCloud. By Ian Higton Published 06/06/2017 It’s fair to say that, even after all its pre-release hype, Star Fox Zero failed to set the world alight. Sure, it was a bit of a disappointment – what with the unnecessarily awkward controls and all – but it’s still not the …

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