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Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro review: "Excellent across the board"

Wireless mice always face an uphill battle against concerns that they won’t be as fast as wired alternatives, but the Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro puts those worries to bed. Incredibly responsive and cleverly laid-out, it’s comfortably the best wireless gaming mouse I’ve gotten my hands on recently.

Essential Info

(Image credit: Corsair)

DPI: 18,000
Sensor: Optical
Interface: Wireless/USB/Bluetooth
Buttons: 8
Weight: 4.69oz (133g)


As a follow-up to the original Dark Core RGB mouse, the Pro arrives at the table with a handful of flashy upgrades. There are still three connections to choose from – wireless, USB wired, and low-latency Bluetooth – but this update utilizes Corsair’s ultra-fast Slipstream technology. That allows the Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro to offer sub-1ms responses. In much the same way, it also increases the optical sensor to 18,000 DPI and provides a polling rate that’s twice as fast. 2,000Hz, to be specific. This enables a more accurate reading on where your mouse is at any one time, and Corsair’s website claims that it’s “twice the speed of standard gaming mice”. Lag? Forget it.

Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro

(Image credit: Corsair)

Elsewhere, the original’s interchangeable side-grips have returned (you can swap out the right-hand flank for a comfortable finger rest that also hides storage space for the USB adaptor), eight programmable buttons are present and correct, the battery life has been boosted up to 50 hours, and multiple onboard profiles can be tweaked via downloadable iCue software. Out of the box, our copy of the mouse featured the ability to increase or decrease DPI sensitivity on the fly swiftly and easily via two buttons perched on the left click.


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