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Destiny 2 Crucible Labs will offer new "experimental PVP content"

Last night Bungie published its latest Destiny 2 development roadmap and, amongst the game’s expected upcoming additions, lay a surprise: Crucible Labs.

Beginning very soon – on 29th May – Destiny 2’s player-versus-player mode will host “experimental” new content, Bungie explained.

“Update 1.2.1 will include a new feature intended to give you a peek behind the scenes and a louder voice in our creative process,” design lead Derek Carroll said.

“Crucible Labs will give every player of Destiny 2 access to experimental PvP content. We’ll then have a chance to solicit your feedback to guide our final iterations. You’ll learn more about Labs before launch.”

It’s unusual for Bungie to reveal a feature this close to launching it. It’s especially unusual for it to be something designed to be unpolished.

But after a shaky launch and a subsequent reversal of various earlier ideas (such as reviving six-versus-six Cruicible matches) Bungie looks to be continuing its quest to win back fans by providing new things to do, quicker.


So, what might Labs offer? Well, it’s hard to imagine Destiny 2 getting a 100-player battle royale mode anytime soon. But experiments with new playstyles, rules and modifiers seem likely. Destiny 2 is a game at its best when it doesn’t take itself too seriously – when it’s fun. Here’s hoping Crucible Labs provides a bit more of that.

Elsewhere in the roadmap, you’ll note a new summer seasonal event – Solstice of Heroes – plus the return of bounties, and a prestige mode for Destiny 2’s two raid lairs. That’s all coming in July.

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