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Discovering Hearthstone's League of Explorers

Hearthstone always finds it greatest moments when it drinks deeply from its thematic inspiration. For The League of Explorers, that means a dusty trawl through the ancient echoing catacombs of WoW’s more adventurous desert dungeons. Not only are the encounters tremendous fun, but this third Adventure for Hearthstone – going by this first of four drip-fed wings at least – is shaping up to be the high point of the game’s tentative journeys into single-player content.

First up in the Temple of Orsis wing is a showdown with the genie Zinaar. He’s great to fight, and adds a new type of spell card to the game in the form of Wishes. Before the djinn can contemplate the move from the cards in his hand, he is first compelled to grant you a randomly selected Wish. Playing this card on your next turn might reward you with a minion of a certain resource cost, for example, a random spell, or even two new Wishes altogether.