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E3 2019 conference schedule guide: All E3 conference times, stream links and games we know about so far

E3 2019 is this week, and thanks to publishers announcing their E3 conferences well ahead of time, we have a decent idea of what to expect and when to expect it.

It’s a big year with next-gen in the wings. They won’t release until 2020 at the earliest, but we’ll certainly hear about them – Xbox is set to showcase their next console, and though Sony isn’t at the show this year, already confirmed PS5 specs means third-party publishers are likely to show off some games.

This page presents you with a complete E3 conference schedule in chronological order, as well as some background reading so you know what to expect. But as always, expect a few surprises.

On this page:

As for E3 stream links, we’ll be populating the page with links as each press conference goes live.

E3 2019 conference schedule at a glance

Here’s when every E3 2019 conference is scheduled to go live at a glance from a UK perspective:

E3 2019 schedule Conference Date (UK) UK time (BST) EU time (CEST) East Coast US time (EDT) West Coast US time (PDT)
EA livestreams Saturday, June 8 17:15 18:15 12:15 09:15
Microsoft conference Sunday, June 9 21:00 22:00 16:00 13:00
Bethesda conference Monday, June 10 01:30 02:30 20:30 (Sunday) 17:30 (Sunday)
PC Gaming Show conference Monday, June 10 18:00 19:00 13:00 10:00
Ubisoft conference Monday, June 10th 21:00 22:00 16:00 13:00
Square Enix conference Tuesday, June 11 02:00 03:00 21:00 (Monday) 18:00 (Monday)
Nintendo conference Tuesday, June 11 17:00 18:00 12:00 09:00

EA E3 2019 conference times – Saturday, June 8

  • UK: 5:15pm (BST)
  • Europe: 6:15pm (CEST)
  • East Coast US: 12:15pm (EDT)
  • West Coast US: 9:15am (PDT)

So though technically EA isn’t doing a E3 press conference this year, they are doing a block of live streams on the Saturday with mysterious game updates and reveals – making it an E3 conference in all but name.

The good news is they have revealed exactly when specific games are being broadcast – so you can tune in and out of whatever takes your interest.

The EA livestream schedule in full from a UK (BST) perspective:

  • 5:15pm BST: Introduction
  • 5:30pm BST: Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order
  • 6:00pm BST: Apex Legends
  • 6:30pm BST: Battlefield V
  • 7:00pm BST: EA Sports FIFA
  • 7:30pm BST: EA Sports Madden
  • 8:00pm BST: The Sims 4

We already know a little about some of the above announcements – Apex Legends will get a tease of its second season, while we already know some of this year’s FIFA improvements.

Just don’t expect anything outside of the above line-up – EA has already said there won’t be a Need for Speed showing, for example.