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Eurogamer's best of E3 2017


Wow, that was a long one. E3 2017 began for our away team on Friday last week, for those of us back in the UK on Saturday night, and has barely let up since. I’ve already mentioned that the volume of hype is now out of all proportion to the number of brand new game reveals, and that this is creating the impression of a flat show – but that impression isn’t a wholly accurate one. The buzz from the show floor has been positive – thanks in part to the raw enthusiasm brought by the decision to admit members of the public. And, as ever, there has been a ton of games to see. And many of them have seemed excellent!


As we did last year, we’re taking a simple approach to naming our picks of the show: five games, no more, no less, receive our E3 2017 Editors’ Choice award. They are not ranked, not divided by genre, and not separated by any other category of achievement. In order to be eligible, games must have been available to watch or play in a live gameplay demonstration, so no CGI trailers or canned gameplay reveals. Hands-on time isn’t a must, although it helps (and, in fact, we did get to play all five winning games this year).

Some of the most exciting games from this year’s show weren’t eligible for our awards: Beyond Good & Evil 2 had a spectacular CGI trailer, but is a very distant and vague prospect, with a slightly suspect relationship to the cult original. Anthem wows technically, and EA swears its Xbox conference demo was recorded in real time on Xbox One X, but we weren’t given an opportunity to verify this for ourselves – ditto Metro Exodus. And we were disappointed not to see Sony Santa Monica’s new God of War in the flesh, because it looks terrific.

A few further honourable mentions. There were a number of sequels out there that made up for what they lacked in sheer thrill factor with a confident sense they were taking their respective series in a good direction: we would highlight Assassin’s Creed Origins, Far Cry 5 and State of Decay 2. We would very definitely have given an award to Sea of Thieves if we hadn’t already done so last year, because it’s just a blast. And we can’t wait to see more of EA’s intriguing cinematic co-op game A Way Out and Klei’s role-playing game Griftlands.

Now for our five picks of the show!

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle