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Feature: 5 cool Resident Evil concepts that never saw the light of day

Resident Evil’s been knocking around for 22 years now, which officially makes it a Very Old Game. For reference, when the seminal shocker first came out, Peter Andre was busy letting his abs do the talking on MTV, and mobile phones hadn’t even advanced to the point where we were able to play a cheeky game of Snake when the teacher wasn’t looking. In that time, the brain-splattering series has been responsible for establishing the survival horror genre in the mainstream consciousness, spawning a multi-million selling video game franchise, and launching a frankly wank movie series that really only served as a quintessential example of why you should never allow Paul W.S. Anderson near a camera ever again.

Inevitably, it also means that there’s been a hell of a lot of stuff left on the cutting room floor. Most fans know about Resident Evil 2’s prototype, the colloquially-dubbed Resi 1.5 that featured a bunch of disparities between it and the final version of the game, including biker enthusiast Elza Walker, a contemporary Raccoon Police Department, and zombies that didn’t sound like they were staggering home from the boozer after one too many. However, dig a little deeper into Resi lore, and there’s a ton of cool stuff to unearth, making for some interesting ‘what if’ scenarios had Capcom possessed the inclination to go down that particular path.

Here’s some of the best of the bunch.

Resident Evil’s original concept

Most people probably know that Resident Evil was inspired by Capcom’s 80s horror romp Sweet Home, but the game itself went through numerous concepts before finally settling on the campy B-movie jaunt we have today. For starters, meme-generator and burly gun aficionado Barry Burton wasn’t in the game at all; instead, Capcom was looking to feature a massive bloke named Gelzer and a weedy comic relief chap named Dewey, though both ended up on the scrap heap. Cooperative play was also planned, and there’s footage doing the rounds on YouTube that clearly shows Chris and Jill doing the buddy cop thing in the mansion’s hallways. However, creator Shinji Mikami gave it the boot as ‘technically, it wasn’t good enough.’