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Feature: Best Far Cry Arcade levels so far

When I played around with Far Cry Arcade prior to launch it was easy to envision what some determined level creators would be able to do with the tool. I’m one of those people that could barely put together a simple A-to-B stage in Little Big Planet, but marvelled at those who could recreate The Last of Us or Plants vs. Zombies with Sackboys and Sackgirls.

 While Far Cry 5 was only released over two weeks ago, budding game developers have been hammering the map editor and the quality is already at a very high standard. Here are some of the best.

Shadow Moses (Hunt) by TheRooster_ (PlayStation 4)

Far Cry Arcade screenshots month 1

That opening section of the original Metal Gear Solid where you bypass the guards and go up the lift is now playable in Far Cry Arcade thanks to the Shadow Moses (Hunt) map. The action’s a bit more hectic than it would’ve been in ‘98, but this one is a must play for the warm fuzzy feeling alone. A simpler time when Liam and Noel were a unit, and Kojima and Konami were on speaking terms.

Memoir of Sanity by AbsorbedTitan (Xbox One)

Far Cry Arcade screenshots month 1

One of my personal favourites. Just a real mind fuck where doors are portals to different dimensions. Plus floating tellies. That’s not normal.

Resident Evil 7 by wim_buytaert (PlayStation 4)

Far Cry Arcade screenshots month 1

This one actually comes in two parts. The first level is effectively the opening of Resident Evil 7 where you walk up to the creepy Baker family home in search of your wife, while Resident Evil 7 Ep 2 takes you inside. Resi fans will lap this up, and you can jump on the roof as well. Brilliant.

Far Cry CageFighter by LokiAngel (PlayStation 4)

Far Cry Arcade screenshots month 1

Like a budget UFC you could picture finding in Hope County, this level sees you step into a shoddy looking octagon to  face off against a couple of the locals. It’s a tad bit reminiscent of MMA’s early days as lads come at you with weapons, and I’m pretty sure that’s not allowed these days

Far Space Station by AlexTheAnteater (Xbox One)

Far Cry Arcade screenshots month 1

This should probably come with some form of warning for those with epilepsy. The flickering lights dotted around this Sevestapol-like station only add to the mounting tension when bliss-fuelled cultists are getting up in your face.

NUKETOWN by SOV4REIGN (PlayStation 4)

Far Cry Arcade screenshots month 1

Honestly, there are around 6,504 Nuketown maps already and this is one of the best.

Western Assault by Usagiyami01 (PlayStation 4)

Far Cry Arcade screenshots month 1

There are quite a few western-themed levels available to play too, so if you’re looking for something to tide you over until Red Dead ‘Don’t Call Me Red Dead 3’ Redemption 2, there’s plenty here for you. This one sees you in a massive shootout with 35 other cowboys, and you can get a bit of mass in at the church, which would make your mother happy.

Escape, Jigsaw’s Lab by the_game_02 (PlayStation 4)

Far Cry Arcade screenshots month 1

Back in 2004 the original Saw movie was intriguing, daring, and not half as shite as the 11 sequels that came after it. This map is inspired by the Podge & Rodge looking puppet that always wanted to play games both by how it looks and how it challenges your ability to find solutions to the mini puzzles in it. 

GoldeneyeFacilityV2 by RainsaurusRox (Xbox One)

Far Cry Arcade screenshots month 1

Remember that game you used to love on your N64? Remember that level you loved from it called Facility? Yeah? That.

Town Zombies by Keevo KX (Xbox One)

Far Cry Arcade screenshots month 1

I genuinely don’t know how some of these map editors have the time to edit their maps using Far Cry 5’s map editor. In this post apocalyptic world you must mow down 100 zombies that are baying for your blood. Pretty, though.

The Last of Us by Kaiguy153 (PlayStation 4)

Far Cry Arcade screenshots month 1

Speaking of pretty, this map is glorious. Like VideoGamer’s 2013 goty of the year, this level is gorgeous to look at with its overgrown buildings, and free roaming animals. There’s obviously some army men and clicker replacements in there to shake things up a bit as well, but this is just worthy of your time on looks alone. 

In only a short few weeks the potential of the tool is already being realised, and if the community continue at the same pace, Far Cry Arcade could easily rival some of the bigger UGC outlets we’ve seen in the past.