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For the first time ever, Pokémon Go's next Community Day is up for the vote

Pokmon Go’s February Community will be decided upon by a player vote.

It’s the first time players have been given the ability to pick which Poke will be featured next – and already, the game’s community is picking sides.

Four creatures are standing as candidates: Vulpix, Rhyhorn, Dratini and Machop. Each has their pros and cons.


Vulpix, for example, would get the Community Day move Weather Ball. It wouldn’t be particularly useful in the game’s meta, but its Shiny is pretty. And while only a two-stage evolution, the sought-after Shiny-possible Alolan Vulpix would also be offered in Field Research and Raids.

Rhyhorn, meanwhile, would get its signature move Rock Wrecker. There’s no definitive stats for how powerful it would be, but its evolution Rhyperior could potentially become the second best Rock-type in the game. But it seems a safe bet for a Community Day down the line regardless of this vote, making it seem an obvious pick, and one which will come around again.

Dratini is, perhaps, the easiest to ignore. It has already had a Community Day, albeit two years ago, and was featured again in 2018’s December catch-up. Dragonite has long been outclassed by better Dragon candidates. But it remains an attractive fan favourite, and new Community Day move Superpower could be useful in PVP.

Machop, finally, has also been Shiny before. Its Community Day move Payback wouldn’t affect its meta relevance, and it is now the third best Fighting-type behind Conkeldurr and Lucario. But it remains a cheap and super effective attacker – and the allure of having six of these to sweep through gyms is certainly attractive.