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Layers of Fear review

Anything can make you jump. A loud noise and a sudden movement? That’s brute force horror and takes no real skill. Easy. Try it with a friend (maybe one you don’t like that much). However, to make you doubt yourself? To be left afraid because you can’t trust your own eyes any more? That’s a masterclass in evil and Layers of Fear is that masterclass.

Effectively, Layers of Fear plays like a Gothic PT, throwing in elements of things like The Shining and The Woman in Black. It’s a psychological horror experience that messes with your head in a far more disturbing way than any monster jumping out from behind a curtain (although that is an option here). The imagery is constantly unsettling: art with misshapen faces or monstrous forms, the worst creepy dolls, and an artist’s paints apparently claiming parts of a house in fat, sludgy blobs. Sound also worms its way under your skin, as whispering voices leak from the DualShock and a tense ambience that threatens you as you explore.