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Overwatch has over 15m players worldwide

Overwatch has accumulated 15m players globally since its launch on 24th May.


Activision Blizzard made the reveal in its latest financial report, where it noted that Overwatch bested Diablo 3 as the fastest-selling PC game in China, and it’s currently the most popular online game in Korea with it taking up a roughly 30 per cent share of playtime in Korean Internet Game Rooms.

The publisher further noted that players have spent a cumulative 500m hours playing Overwatch.

To get an idea of how much Overwatch has grown since launch, it previously had 7m players who played it for a total of 119m hours nine days after release. By that metric, sales obvious slowed down in June, but still more than doubled the 7m new recruits gained around launch week. Playtime didn’t seem to take a hitch, though. If anything, the cumulative playtime people were putting into Overwatch increased as more people picked up the game and had friends to play with.