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Pokémon Go – Battery saver mode explained, other ways to save battery

Alongside on-going issues with servers, error messages and crashes in Pokmon Go, users have been vocal about the battery drain has on phone batteries, likely due to the fact the GPS and data-using app needs to be open at all times during use.

Developer Niantic is aware of the issue, and launched the game with an in-game Battery Saver to help.

Of course, that’s not to say there are other ways you can extend your battery life for longer with other methods, both in-game and with how you use your phone.

Turn Pokmon Go’s battery saver mode on

You can turn Battery Saver on within the Settings – if you have an Android.

There is a ‘Battery Saver’ option within Pokmon Go that allows your phone to enter a low-power state when exploring on the move. It was temporarily removed on iOS as part of the July 31 update, but was restored the following month after several bugs were fixed.

To access it, tap the Pokball at the bottom of the screen during map view to bring up a menu of options, then tap the cog in the upper right corner.

Once you select it, the phone’s screen will automatically dim when it’s down by your side in a horizontal position, but still continues operating, notifying you of any nearby Pokmon, PokStops and counting steps towards hatching eggs and Pokmon Go’s Buddy system.

Note that if you’re logged out of the app (such as when the server goes down) you may need to re-enable this, and other options in the Settings, when you log back in.

Switch off AR when capturing Pokmon to save battery

Playing in this view not only saves battery, but makes catching easier.

This is a lesser known but surprisingly important tip for shaving off some battery usage when playing Pokmon Go.

When you capture a Pokmon, by default the game will use the phone’s camera and gyroscope to place the creature in the real-world using augmented reality.

By turning this off – by pressing the toggle in the upper right corner – you can instead switch to capturing creatures in a static view on a lush green field.

Not only does turning off AR mode mean you’re not wasting the battery on camera and gyroscope use, it’s also much easier to catch Pokmon in this view. (It also saves you waving your phone around in the middle of the street, as fun as that is.)

Turning off other settings in your phone will help reduce battery usage in Pokmon Go

Outside of the app, there are also a handful of other things when using your phone to be mindful that can extend battery life that much longer:

  • Turn off Wifi and Bluetooth if you don’t need them. While connecting to a strong, stable Wifi hotspot is better for your phone trying to search for varying 3G signals (such as if you’re playing in a fixed location) your phone constantly trying to search for and connect to new hotspots when on the go will drain your battery – and can also confuse the game a little as it tries to pull data from multiple sources.
  • Consider using 3G instead of 4G. The latter naturally takes more energy to use, plus if your phone is jumping between the two types of coverage, then that’ll produce more strain than a single source.
  • Use your phone’s Low Power mode. This means your phone will stop performing certain tasks in the background, from downloads to app usage and visual effects, and will extend your battery more than you think.
  • Dim your screen as much as possible. This is difficult if you’re playing outside in the sun, but dimming the screen will help reduce battery a surprising amount.
  • Turn turn the phone volume. If your phone volume is turned up and playing the game’s music and sound, this can also be a strain on battery life. Consider muting the phone’s volume, or even turning off music and or sound effects from the game’s Settings menu.
  • No, downloading Google Map data does not reduce data usage. Shortly after release, users on Reddit suggested that data usage on Pokmon Go could be reduced by storing local Google Map data offline, which became a tip that spread on social networks. However, this theory has since been debunked by a Google engineer on Twitter.

Want more help with Pokmon Go? As well as our Pokmon Go tips, tricks and guides page, you can look up the Gen 2 Pokdex on how to catch the most recent creatures, using Special Items such as the Dragon Scale and other methods. The update also introduced changes to Eevee evolutions, Egg hatching distances, best Pokmon, moves and Buddy distances. Elsewhere, you can read about how Gyms, promo codes and the Pokmon Go Plus accessory works, and the many ways of earning experience with our XP chart.

You may also consider purchasing a battery pack

If even after the above battery saving tips you could still do with a top up on the move, then purchasing a battery pack could do the trick, whether it’s a small and very portable device (such as the Anker PowerCore mini from Amazon UK and Amazon US) or something a little more heavy duty like a EasyAcc battery pack (also on Amazon UK).

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