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Pokémon Go predecessor Ingress getting Netflix anime

Ingress, the get-you-off-your-sofa mobile phone game made by Pokmon Go developer Niantic, is getting an official anime series.

Netflix is working with the Japan-based Fuji TV to broadcast the show this October, Variety reported. It’s the same month the game’s reworked Ingress Prime version will also arrive.

Ingress launched years before Pokmon Go to a limited but dedicated community of players which are still playing now more than five years on. If anything, the subsequent launch of Pokmon Go has only boosted Ingress’ fame.

The upcoming anime will follow three characters – Makoto, a police officer who can touch things and see their history; Sarah, who can see aspects of time and space; and Jack, a mysterious third character. Story aspects will then bleed through into Ingress Prime.


Ingress’ world is infused by exotic energy which leaks through via ‘portals’ – the real-world places you have to go to play (many of which are also PokStops in Pokmon Go).

Niantic is having quite a year – with a huge summer of Pokmon Go events currently ongoing. The company’s next game, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, is also on the horizon – although we don’t know yet whether it will definitely make its expected 2018 date.

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