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Pokémon Go region exclusives – how to catch Tauros, Kangaskhan, Mr. Mime, and Farfetch'd


Pokmon Go features all 151 of the original Pokdex, from Bulbasaur right through to Mew and Mewtwo. But whilst we have a pretty good idea of where to find those Legendaries, including Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres – some Pokmon remain elusive.

Tauros, Kangaskhan, Mr. Mime and Farfetch’d are the Pokmon in question, and the prevailing thought now is that these four are region-locked to specific locations. That’s because whilst all of those four Pokmon make an appearance in datamining efforts – which also uncovered a great deal more about Pokmon Go’s hidden mechanics – the lack of actual encounters with these Pokmon four in the wild make them among the rarest in Pokmon Go.

There is some proof from Serebii.net, which lists them as exclusive to their respective regions. Community project The Silph Road, which has been responsible for some major steps forward in understanding the game, also look to back these claims, with exclusivity generally assumed – by as-yet is fully unconfirmed.


Chris Bratt’s artist’s interpretation of how region exclusivity works. Pokmon not to scale. At all.

The argument is backed up anecdotally however, and is given particular weight by the fact that the North American player who has already caught every Pokmon in Pokmon Go is missing Kangaskhan, Mr. Mime and Farfetch’d from his collection, himself believing they truly are region locked.

How to catch Tauros, Kangaskhan, Mr. Mime, and Farfetch’d in Pokmon Go

We’ve put together a table below with everything we know on the region exclusive Pokmon, including where abouts within their respective regions you can hope to catch one.

Pokmon Region Type Encounter Locations Notes
Tauros North America Normal Generally everywhere, some reports of it appearing in expansive, desert-like or rodeo-related areas The general word is that this includes all of North America, but whether or not it appears in South American countries is still up for debate.
Kangaskhan Australasia Normal Generally everywhere, with reports indicating it’s appearing in cities and parks in particular There’s some debate here over whether Kangaskhan is exclusive to just Australia, or Australasia as a whole, with some differing anecdotal chatter from people in New Zealand.
Mr. Mime Europe Psychic/Fairy Generally everywhere, including city centres like London Yes, the UK still counts as being in Europe; we voted out of the EU, not the continent.
Farfetch’d Asia Normal/Flying Generally everywhere, being a normal type. Reports of Farfetch’d appearing in city centres and parks in particular, likely due to its part Flying typing. Japan and South Korea seem to be particularly abundant places. There are some pretty large numbers of people reporting Farfetch’d appearing en masse in Japan since their servers went live. It’s not clear at this point if the entirety of Asia – such as India, which only recently saw the game launched for the first time – will be benefitting from the same kind of numbers.

The 2014 Pokmon World Championships Masters Champion, Sejun Park, shared his experience catching Farfetch’d in South Korea:

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Can the region exclusive Tauros, Kangaskhan, Mr. Mime, and Farfetch’d be hatched?

If reports of players capturing all 145 available Pokmon are to be believed, it appears that yes, you can in fact hatch the region-exclusives from Eggs, regardless of your location. Evidence up to this point had been fairly anecdotal – Niantic has been remarkably opaque in their explanation of Pokmon Go’s mechanics so far – but that reliance on users reporting their experiences online is the main reason why we’ve been unsure about their availability through egg-hatching.

As we mentioned in our egg hatching in Pokemon Go page, it appears that different Pokmon have different probabilities for being hatched – even from the rarer 10km eggs – and as such the chances of someone hatching one of these four rare Pokmon, and also being the type of person to share that experience with anyone online, are far less than 1 in 151. So it could be that, whilst it has indeed been possible to catch a Tauros in Europe or a Mr Mime in North America, it’s taken this long for someone to actually hatch one and confirm it.

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