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Pokémon Go's next Community Day event dated

Pokmon Go’s next monthly Community Day event will take place on Sunday, 25th March from 10am to 1pm.

OG starter Bulbasaur will be the featured Pokmon, meaning we’ll likely see its alternate-coloured Shiny version available for the first time in limited numbers.


The three hour event will also offer triple catch XP, three hour lures, and a special yet-to-be confirmed move for Bulbasaur himself.


Pokmon Go developer Niantic made the announcement last night, just after launching a new 48-hour event to celebrate today’s Pokmon Day – the anniversary of the original Pokmon Red and Green launching for Game Boy in Japan.

This new event, running right now, sees the long-awaited return of Birthday Hat Pikachu, now with the ability to be a Shiny version as well.

January’s Pokmon Go Community Day – the first – featured Pikachu, while this past weekend’s February Community Day spotlighted Dratini. Many of Eurogamer’s Pokmon Go-playing team members were out and about for it.

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