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Pokémon GO's UK microtransaction prices revealed

Pokmon GO is a free-to-play game for iPhones and Android devices, so as you might expect it includes are plenty of ways for you to spend money.


A cave dwelling creature, and Zubat.

Your main resource is Pokballs for catching your critters, which sell at 100 Pokcoins (79p) for 20, up to 800 coins (about a fiver) for 200.

Pokmon aren’t easy to catch, so you’ll likely need quite a few of these – although you can also find them fairly easily just by exploring your local area.

You can also buy incense for increasing the number of Pokmon around you for 30 minutes.

There are also ways to increase the number of Pokmon you can store, upgrades for your bag to carry more items, eggs to hatch Pokmon and an incubator to hatch them more quickly.

Here’s the list of prices from the game’s UK version in full:

  • 100 Pokcoins – 0.79
  • 550 Pokcoins – 3.99
  • 1200 Pokcoins – 7.99
  • 2500 Pokcoins – 14.99
  • 5200 Pokcoins – 29.99
  • 14,500 Pokcoins – 79.99

Pokmon GO has only officially launched in a couple of countries, although you can download Pokmon Go right now in the UK and US on Android devices with this quick workaround.

If you have the app already and are struggling with the way Pokmon GO drains your battery life, you should be aware this is a “known issue”.

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