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Quantum Break is secretly a sweet Max Payne game

I don’t want to do anyone’s job for them, but I really feel like Quantum Break could do with at least one advert that drops the “interactive-next-gen-cross-media-TV-experience” schtick and just does the following:

For some reason I can’t quite fathom, this is the dark secret at the heart of the one-time Xbox One exclusive – that beneath its aspirations to change the way we play with our consoles (the last gasp of Microsoft’s all-in-one approach with new-gen), and the legitimately mesmerising facial capture of its Hollywood cast, it feels like the best straight-up shooter Remedy’s made since Max Payne 2. Having played the opening hours of the game, it’s a whip-crack mix of gunfeel, juicy superpowers and on-the-fly tactical decision-making that very few developers could hope to match.

On first impressions, it is also quite a poor TV show – but we all knew it would be that way, right? For now, let’s talk about the real revelation, about how /quick/ this game is – quick to throw you into the action, quick in the heat of the moment, and quick to throw new challenges at you.