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Resident Evil 2 walkthrough: A guide to surviving Leon's and Claire's campaigns

There you’ll have to solve the Dispersal Capsule puzzle, and also pick up a new key item – the Signal Modulator.

Dispersal Capsule puzzle solution in the Drug Testing Lab

To reach the puzzle, first find the Greenhouse Control Room code locations then head from into the Greenhouse, go left then left again. Get the Herbicide Synthesis File from the table, and approach the workshop in the corner.


The aim is to create the exact amount of solution for the capsule, indicated by the red line.

There are three tubes – small, medium and large – and three buttons to control them. The left-most button moves the contents of the middle tube into the left one, while the middle and right buttons allow you to rotate the tubes round.

To solve the dispersal capsule puzzle, first combine the two halves so all of the solution is in one tall tube on the left:


Swap the two columns round and move the contents of the large tube into the medium one on the left.


Rotate the tubes so they go from small to medium to large, and move solution from the medium to the large, so all three tubes have solution in descending order.


Now rotate the tubes so the large tube (but the one with the least solution) and the small tube (the one with the most solution) are on the left and middle respectively.


Combine the two to move the solution up to the red line.


Completing this gives you the Dispersal Cartridge (Solution). As per the note, we’re not done yet – you need to cool it next.


How to use the Signal Modulator and cool the Dispersal Capsule

Head back down to B1 via the Greenhouse, and head to the Lounge. Clear any enemies in the way, and investigate the Signal Modulator in your inventory. It needs to be tuned to the same signal as on the wall, MURF.


Use the shoulder buttons to move it to MURF, and change the dials to Green 2 O’Clock and Red 4 O’Clock.


Insert it into the wall to power up this area. Head north to the Server Room, which acts as a safe room – use the Typewriter and Item Box if you need it.

When ready, go south of B1 to the Low-Temp Testing Lab. There is a PC on the south side you can interact with for the Wayne Li’s Inbox File. Enter the Low-Temp Testing Lab and insert the pesticide into the machine to cool it down.


Now make your way back to the Greenhouse Control Room – you may encounter more of those ivy zombies along the way – and enter the cooled pesticide into the machine so you can access the west side of the Greenhouse and get the Senior Staff wristband upgrade.

Combine it with your ID Wristband, and now you can access the West Area of the Laboratory.


Of course, things aren’t that simple. As soon as you get it, Mr X will smash through the glass behind you. Sprint out of there and back to the Lobby – being sure to check out the computer in the Presentation Room you can now access for the Bryon Cartwright’s Inbox File – and you should get away without fighting him.

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