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Sea of Thieves is finally getting a private crew option next week

UPDATE 16/5/18: After a thoroughly eventful patch day, Rare has now temporarily removed all major new features seen in Sea of Thieves’ latest 1.0.7 update.

Sea of Thieves’ servers all went down for the third time earlier this evening, ready for another bout of unscheduled maintenance. The result is that now, at the time of writing, all three headline features originally delayed from last week and released earlier today have been disabled: that’s public and private crew settings, stealth underwater gamertags, and the ability to hand resources to other players.

The Sea of Thieves Twitter feed says that today’s features have been temporarily removed “due to a high volume of AllmondBeard errors”. AllmondBeard errors, as stated on the game’s support page, occur when Xbox Live or Sea of Thieves’ services are disrupted or lost.

Rare promises to post more information “as we have it”.

UPDATE 15/5/18: Following last week’s delay, Sea of Thieves’ 1.0.7 update is finally here, introducing the long-awaited public and private crew settings – and, regrettably, a serious issue which required additional server downtime.

As Rare announced in its developer diary last week, 1.0.7 was also due to enable crew members to pass important resources – namely bananas, planks, and cannon balls – between each other, to assist during the game’s more frantic moments. Unfortunately, following 1.0.7’s deployment earlier today, Rare identified an issue whereby passing items to other players while in the water could potentially cause server crashes.

As a result, the developer announced that it would, as an emergency measure, be shutting down servers for a second time today in order to temporarily remove the new feature. That revision has now been made, and normal service has been resumed.