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Singapore PC builder Aftershock launches in Australia

Fancy new desktops and laptops

During our various trips to the Asian region we’ve seen Aftershock machines many times. They’re usually used to showcase new technology at launch events, we saw a couple at the last Nvidia event and they always stand out with slick looks and features they don’t skimp on.

And as of today, Aftershock has an Australian operation. Its first showroom is at 298 St Kilda Rd, St Kilda. The machines are built and serviced locally, are tested for 48 hours before sale and carry a two year warranty.

It’s all HERE.



Aftershock has been steadily expanding its territory since its launch in Singapore six years ago. As you can see from its Australian site, the Aftershock systems aren’t plain. We’ve only ever seen the laptops in the flesh and they’re slick lookers with a well-rounded set of features. The desktop and AIO builds do look spectacular and we’re in the process of getting some gear in for upcoming reviews.



Aftershock also sell an electrically height-adjustable standing desk. The Omnidesk can be outfitted with a solid bamboo surface, regular laminate and you can even take the option of having the desk surface coated with a mouse-mat texture that apparently works well with optical mice.

Aftershock’s systems are pitched mainly at gamers, but there’s a few nice well rounded multipurpose machines in the range, too.



We’ve had a look over the pricing and it’s most impressive, the laptops in particular are extremely competitively priced and undercut most of the competition by a substantial margin.

It’s always nice to see a new player in the local market. We’ve admired Aftershock from a distance for a while now and wish them every success with the local launch.

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