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Super Meat Boy Forever does more with two buttons than most do with 14

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first: Super Meat Boy co-creator and character designer Edmund McMillen, the burly bearded man made famous by his starring role in Indie Game: The Movie, is not involved in the sequel, Super Meat Boy Forever. Having gone independent to work on such titles as The Binding of Isaac, The End is Nigh, and the upcoming RPG The Legend of Bum-bo, the Super Meat Boy saga has fallen to his former partner, Tommy Refenes, to resurrect after a seven-plus year absence.

Skepticism may be bolstered by the fact that Super Meat Boy Forever was in limbo for a few years after being initially announced as a mobile-only title, suggesting a subordinate spin-off. In fact, this sequel only uses two buttons. And I don’t mean two buttons and a D-pad, I mean two buttons in total.

On paper it sounds pretty pared down, but in practice it’s anything but. Having played a handful of its stages at PAX West, I can confirm that Super Meat Boy Forever is every bit as deep, addictive, and challenging as its predecessor.

Unlike the original Super Meat Boy, this sequel makes Meat Boy (or his partner, Bandage Girl, if you’d prefer) run automatically. The player is only in control of two things: jumping and sliding. Hit the jump button while in mid-air, however, and Meat Boy will thrust forward his gigantic Battletoads-inspired fist, smashing any foes in the way and propelling his momentum. Hold the slide button in mid-air and you’ll plummet downwards, altering your trajectory on a whim.