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Why FIFA 19 players are kicking off about kits

EA’s Team of the Season promo for FIFA Ultimate Team used to be considered one of the best times to play the game. But with FIFA 19’s incarnation, players are kicking off.

The promo adds unique, more powerful versions of players determined to be in each major league’s team of the season. For example, Leicester City and England midfielder James Maddison is in the Premier League Team of the Season, with an 88-overall rating special card.

In previous years, EA has added fun methods to obtain Team of the Season cards without having to buy packs and hope for luck. One of these methods is Upgrade Squad Building Challenges, which reward players with untradeable Team of the Season cards in exchange for a squad of high-quality cards. These Squad Building Challenges usually require a grind most FUT players enjoy. Indeed some FUT players spend all year planning for these end of season Squad Building Challenges.

Five days in to FIFA 19’s Team of the Season promo, and there’s no sign of a Premier League Team of the Season Upgrade Squad Building Challenge. There’s only three days left of the promo – and players are starting to sweat.

The community sentiment came to a head on Monday when EA Sports added new Squad Building Challenges… for kits. It’s fair to say most FIFA players don’t care about kits at this point in the game. As hugely popular FIFA YouTuber MattHDGamer said in a recently-published video, below: “It’s not that exciting for many users, including myself. I’m not going to lie, they’re nice kits. But you don’t come back from school, work or the pub and say, I can’t wait for a kit.”